Moral and Quranic Study

Torbit Tech is an online platform designed to offer an educational experience of the best kind, supporting and enhancing the overall development of children with a strong focus on ethnic values. The programs are done in a novel and inspiring environment thereby encouraging creativity, competitiveness, communication, independence, self-worth, and problem solving. We believe that children nurtured in a safe and motivating environment with proper training and guidance, along with ethics and aesthetics can create a constructive atmosphere for their learning process in developing life skills and meeting day to day challenges.

Quranic Study And Madrasa Online In Uae And Middle East

Director’s Message

Dear respected parents, students and stakeholders:
I would like to personally welcome you to Torbit Tech, your newest online educational platform. Here at Torbit Tech, we combine the latest technology, educational research, pedagogy, moral education, and language to give students a comprehensive learning experience that prepares them for the future. We are living in a global village in which social media, technology and education are intertwined. Our philosophy is based on a world view of education and morality that aims to bring the best out of our future generation. I personally have travelled the world and gained valuable knowledge in all fields related to education and human behavior. I bring to you a plethora of international experience of nearly two decades, as well as a intersectional understanding of western and eastern culture relative to education. Quality assurance and continuous development will be the focus of my role in this organization. I hope that all stakeholders will contribute to continue to make this a successful project with clear objectives for development, safety, morality, and a contribution to the world economy.
                                              Gabriel Keresztes Al Romaani
                                              Windsor, Ontario, Canada